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Alpha Hydroxy Acid

\ al-fah \ hi-drox-see \ a-sed \

$10.99 / 30ml

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Even skin tone and texture

  • Clean
  • Hydrate
  • Treat
  • Moisturize
  • SPF

Naturally dervied from fruit acids, this gentle exfoliator is designed to improve the appearance of skin texture, brightness and skin tone.

With 10% fruit acids, and 1% Hyaluronic acid, this AHA gently removes dead skin cells from the surface to help your skin appear brighter and improve the appearance of skin texture and pigmentation. New to exfoliating acids? This serum is a great starting point, providing exfoliation without irritation.

Who is it for?

Good for; Normal skin

Helps to; Even skin tone and texture


  • 10% fruit acid helps to provide gentle exfoliation
  • 1% low molecular hyaluronic acid for deeper hydration

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to use

For use in the PM. After cleansing and Hyaluronic Acid if you are using it, gently press 1-2 drops into the face and neck. Follow with preferred serums and moisturizer.

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