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How to Layer Skincare

Skincare Joanna Melville | 23.07.2020
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When it comes to hair, layering is not just a styling thing. Just like skincare, layering your hair products is an effective way to maximise the results of your routine whilst also targeting multiple concerns. Whether it’s an itchy scalp or dull, lacklustre locks, build a recipe that works for you and your hair and scalp goals.

Joanna Melville | 23.04.2021

Bleaching, heat treatments, colouring and styling - the daily grind for luscious-looking locks can be a heavy burden on your hair, with damage being one of the top haircare concerns we encounter.

Let’s get science-y and understand how our hair bonds work and the structure and function of how each hair fiber is built.

Nadine Eden | 02.02.2021

Read about why we have decided to launch a new Hair & Scalp range.

Sarah Lee | 23.07.2020

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